Minecraft Color Codes

Minecraft Color Codes

Every text in the Minecraft can be formatted by a section sign (§) map editor. If you want to edit texts, you need to enter § codes. Every message from server can be painted by various Minecraft color codes, every sign are followed by a hex code. Your clients will follow that code and switch the colors in game while ... Read More »

Wagon Pack v2.5


What’s new in this version? All loading trailers from this pack are now washed! Thanks go to the user mjk of ModHoster . Without it, the pack would not now be washable . Bugfix: Krone ZX 550 the PicK Up is now lifted after purchase or reload the savegame and not lowered. Specifications: ( These have not changed since the ... Read More »

Deutz Fahr TTV 630 Dirt v2.0


About Speed ​​43 km / h Hatch opens, lighting, manual ignition, electronic speedometer. ESLimiter, Hours, FL-console plugmod, realistic exhaust, dust from the wheels. Screenshot for Deutz Fahr TTV 630 Dirt: Download Deutz Fahr TTV 630 Dirt for Farming Simulator 2013: Read More »

John Deere 2058 v2.0


About This package includes: Harvester: Bunker 7000 l. Lighting, manual ignition, ESLimiter, Hours, hectare counter level bunker, additional camera), trolley lock. 2 header (4.5 m: corn, 6.0 m: Wheat, barley, canola). Screenshot for John Deere 2058 Download John Deere 2058 for Farming Simulator 2013: Read More »

John Deere 4995


About Speed ​​35 km / h Corn laying in wheat and barley roller John Deere 896 Header and laying in the grass roller John Deere 995. Screenshot for John Deere 4995: Download John Deere 4995 for Farming Simulator 2013:   Read More »

Convoy Trailer


About Convoy Trailer Here is the new tank trailer for Farming Simulator 2013 with capacity of 12k liters! Download and have fun! Screenshots for Convoy Trailer Download Convoy Trailer for Farming Simulator 2013: Read More »

Rubber Duck Mack


About Rubber Duck Mack Model: 1977 Mack RS786LST Engine: 283 hp Mack ETAY676 “Tip Turbine” Turbo inline 6-cylinder diesel Transmission: Fuller Roadranger RT9510 10 speed Wheelbase: 220 “center of the front axle to mid tandem Sleeper: 60 “stand-up sleeper of Able Body Company Wheels: “Budd” style 10R22 tube black painted steel w / 4 hand holes Brakes: drum brakes with ... Read More »

Byurtini Switzerland Map v2.0


About Byurtini Switzerland Map Here is the Byurtini Switzerland Map for Farming Simulator 2013! In this map, you can sell everything: From grass, straw to milk, deepj, liquid manure,… There are a warehouse in this map for storage, a garage, 2 canopy storage bales, 24 fields with total 80ha, sheep, cows, chickens,… All roads have been reduced! What’s new in this ... Read More »

Useful (Battle) Pets Mod for Minecraft 1.7.2


About Useful (Battle) Pets Mod With Useful (Battle) Pets Mod, you will have a pet, level it up and see what it can do with its abilities! Right click otherwise with the Mountable skill and a saddle in the saddle slot to mount the pet. Right click the pet while sneaking to open the inventory/skill tree. Left click the pet ... Read More »

Blokkit Mod for Minecraft 1.6.4


About Blokkit Mod This mod will add new friendly living mobs, which was called Blokkits into Minecraft! You can compose these Blokkits from various materials, each of them has its own perks! You can use Blokkits as your army or your friend. Blokkit can gain EXP while battling with mobs. Experience System: This mod features a simple, yet effective system ... Read More »